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Some people argue whether it is possible to meet your true soulmate on mail-order bride services. To be honest, you can find your love anywhere and legit bride sites is not an exception. You never know what life has prepared for you, so be open to new opportunities, do not put yourself in some frameworks and give yourself more chances to face amazing things!

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We have prepared some statistics for you that will surely prove you the effectiveness of mail-order bride services. Let’s go!

    1. The research that was held in the field of online bride searching showed that every second man who has visited the mail order bride sites has already found his love there.

It is a really inspiring fact, so why don’t you find someone special for yourself there. Just try and you will see everything with your own eyes.

    1. According to the statistics, 40 000 international couples are formed every year.

It is one more argument why you should look for your wife online. Mail order brides are real. They are those women who were not scared to look for their other halves somewhere else and to let their fantasy fly further than their hometown. Looking for a bride abroad somehow brings you out of your comfort zone, and we all know that miracles happen there. Mail-order bride services offer you a perfect opportunity to have a little adventure without actually losing the comfy routine.

  1. 20 000 marriages happen every year with the help of the mail order bride services.

Although such an astonishing phenomenon as wife buying exists for not so many years, thanks to it many people find their love and are happy together. They have built new families and had children. What most important is – they are not alone yet.

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It is the last but not least reason to try and find foreign women for marriage.

First date with a mail order bride

There are some tips on how you should behave yourself on the first date with a woman from brides catalogue.

Think about what you wear

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Most women like to dress on many occasions and the amount of dressing varies with the occasions. In general, appearance is important for women. If you are not sure how to dress on your first date, the best option is to wear something casual.

Make compliments

It works for every woman magically. Since they like to dress up, they also want to know that they have impressed you. You should really be impressed and tell the truth if you compliment her. But you should not overdo it and do it honestly. If the compliment sounds too good or wrong, a woman will find that out fairly quickly.

Be generous but thoughtful when making gifts

Learn what her favourite flowers are and when you go out with a woman, present her a bunch of flowers. You can do it without any reason, just to tell her how beautiful she is.

Who pays on the first date?

Does the man have to pay on the first date or should he share the bill? This question keeps sparking discussions. The truth is: many international brides like it when the man pays the classic way on the first date. There are also some catalogue brides who by no means want to be invited. That is to be respected. As a man, you can still offer to invite her on the second date.

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If it is just a meeting in a café and thus a small amount, the men should take the bill. If it is a restaurant visit, women should at least offer the man that they participate in the bill. In many cases, the man also pays in the restaurant.

Do mail order brides really strive for the marriage?

Real mail order brides are basically women who advertise themselves on a wife agency aiming to get marriage proposals from foreign men. These foreign women for marriage come from developed countries and express their desire to marry someone from a foreign country. In fact, they look for their perfect match from more developed countries.

On the mail-order bride service, you have an opportunity to find either a young or mature international bride. Young mail order brides are pretty real wives aged between 18-35 years seeking their dream man to start a marriage commitment. Most of them are ready for the relocation to any foreign country in order to start a serious marriage life.

Mature foreign women for marriage are women with some life experience seeking a lifelong marriage commitment. Some of them have no inhibition to get married to a guy older than they are.

A mail-order bride who messages first

You are a lucky man because an international bride expresses interest in you. However, first of all, you should make sure whether it is not a bot that writes you a message. The reason is that if you have just registered in a mail order bride service and in the same minute get a message from a woman from bride catalogue, it can most probably be the bot. Be aware of it!

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If it is a real person and you are 100 per cent sure in it, start the communication! Who knows, maybe it is your future loving and caring wife.

Why is a mail-order bride a good option for you?

All in all, there are different reasons why mail-order women from a bride catalogue are really good, including:

  1. They are aimed at building a family, not just to communicate or date.
  2. You can talk to them about anything, they are educated and like to explore new things.
  3. All women from legit bride sites are beautiful and charming.
  4. International brides have friendly and cheerful characters.
  5. They are reliable and independent; they are not those women who will ask you for money when you meet them on a dating site; in most cases, mail order brides work full time and do not need money.

Conclusion: Can a mail-order bride service work?

A mail-order bride service not only can, it really works. All you need is just knowing the qualities you look for in your ideal woman. Then find a reliable agency that offers a list of good-looking mail-order brides from different countries. Mail-order bride services have made buying a wife fast, easy, and manageable.

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